All India Motor Transport Congress | Delhi

Aims & Objectives


Invariably, a majority of the local associations and unions of bus and truck operators, in addition to leading companies of transporters and vehicle fleet operators are members of All India Motor Transport Congress. For effective functioning of the body, the country has been divided into four-zones, North, South, East and West and each zone is allocated a given numbers of seats in the central executive body on the basis of a pre-determined formula. Through a democratic process of secret ballots, the members of the AIMTC spread all over the country elect the members of the National Executive from their respective zones. Members of the Executive, in turn, elect a President from one zone and Vice-Presidents from the remaining three zones. The election of these office-bearers rotates every two years, clockwise. The executive committee meets frequently in different parts of the country in order to gain personal interaction with local members and other trade unions. The National Executive of AIMTC is its chief decision-making body.
In order to draw upon the experience of its members, individual units have been set up, namely,